Why Buy A Sub Zero Cooler Box?


We began Sub Zero with a commitment to design a quality cooler that would give years of reliable service while providing maximum ice retention, all at a very affordable price compared to other premium coolers. We paid special attention to key areas so we could deliver a cooler that is REAL VALUE. REAL COLD.

  • Rotational moulded. Tough and made to last
  • Retains ice for up to 7 days
  • Food grade polyethylene construction
  • Insulated walls and lid with 40mm – 50mm of polyurethane foam injected under high pressure
  • Marine grade stainless steel latches and hinges
  • UV resistant giving colour fastness and durability for many years
  • Fitted with heavy moulded and rope handles
  • Unique anti-delaminating foam grip between inner and outer walls
  • One piece mould meaning no unsightly welds or drilled drain holes
  • Air tight and water tight neoprene lid gasket for perfect seal and maximum ice retention
  • Large range of sizes in either white marble or blue colour
  • Can be fitted with customised SeaDek lid pad
  • 2 year full replacement warranty (Excluding misuse, fair wear and tear)
General Guidelines
  • To maximise ice retention, pre-chill drinks and food before placing them in your Sub Zero
  • Fill your Sub Zero with as much ice as you can fit in. Avoid free air space.
  • Don’t drain frozen ice water. You let coldness out and warmth in
  • For maximum performance cover fish, drinks and food with ice.
  • Put food items that you wish to keep dry in zip lock bags
  • Where possible keep your Sub Zero in the shade. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight where possible
  • Never leave your Sub Zero lid open in sunlight. This will cause the lid to warp and affect its ability to seal correctly. It also introduces heat which will melt ice.
  • At the end of each use, cleans with a mild detergent. For stubborn stains you can use a diluted bleach solution. Rinse well.

20 Litre

  • Available in Marble only








40 Litre

  • Available in Marble only








60 Litre

  • Available in Marble only








80 Litre

  • Available in Marble only







100 Litre

  • Available in Marble only







150 Litre

  • Available in Marble only

High quality stainless steel latches and hinges











Heavy duty moulded handles and rope handles











Moulded Hinges











Built in Skids







Easy to use drain plug